Shah-Ne-Eram Amazed by Reactions on Aamir

Posted on November 28, 2015 shaneeram Posted in Uncategorised

Shah-Ne-Eram team is amazed by everyone’s reaction on Amir Khan wife words which we found as natural from any mother for her children and family safety. We feel ignoring and being quite to the face of injustice is like silently supporting evil. In today’s time, we really need to understand that enemy is really this intolerance our country is facing. Dividing people sometime on beef, religion, lynching people, threatening freedom of speech etc. are The Threats to us. We require capable people in the realms of politics, economy, media, environmental conservatives, fighters against rote learning education system, from conventions, as significantly as anyone else, in any field. Such issues are shackling everyone’s growth. And if someone wants to contribute to art, science, education, fighting for peace and environment etc., then are not those loyal to country. When highly educated people reports to an illiterate and insensitive leaders. Mechanical, blunt remarks by them on artists, sacrificing soldiers, scientists, physically and mentally abused women, poverty stricken lives and using religion for vested interests etc. Media do play an effective role in galvanizing people heart. Shah-Ne-Eram team acknowledges and respects that Amir’s work has been incomparable who always urged to fight the evils in the individual’s heart and in midst of society; strove to brought all this to fore. Ghulam, Sarfarosh, Mangal Pandey, Lagaan, Peepli Live, TaareZamin Par, Satyamave Jyate etc. are unprecedented work. We guess no one has spoken so much on such issues so explicitly with his/her work than him.