Shah-Ne-Eram- Modern Lifestyle Amid Traditions at L-Zone, Delhi

Posted on November 28, 2015 shaneeram Posted in Uncategorised

Shah-Ne-Eram is a group housing society, which is going to be developed at the most sought after location of L-Zone, Dwarka Phase 2 Smart City. The apartment promises all the amenities middle-class Indian homebuyers typically seek in a property development: swimming pool, back-up power, security, children’s play area, muslim prayer area and ample parking. With an Aim of “Ek Ghar Apno ke Beech”, the property offers a society where members of India’s Muslim minority can easily acquire a home, without the hurdles they often confront elsewhere. The Vision of Shah-Ne-Eram is to provide an environment where modern lifestyle co-exists with the Islamic cultures and practises. We intend to groom the coming muslim generations into mainstream by providing proper social and educational environment for our children. We welcome all those brothers, who can afford. Obstacles faced by Muslims to rent or buy homes in Hindu-dominated areas or buildings, has encouraged many housing developments companies like Revanta Group, to specifically target well-off Muslims seeking to escape the cluttered and squalor of older, neglected Muslim neighbourhoods. Shah-Ne-Eram doesn’t blindly advocate Housing segregation on grounds of religious lines, but at the same time, if staying together brings values and improves quality of life, we don’t see that as segregation, but as a value add.We have no law against discrimination in housing, in contrast, our law protects people’s rights to form societies or associations for common purposes, including building houses exclusively for members of religious faiths. The law introduced in 1991 prevents distress sales after incidences of communal violence, the act’s provisions ban people from selling their property to buyers of a different faith in areas designated as disturbed. The middle class Muslim community is emerging, they have money and aspirations to be in the modern world. If they have difficulty purchasing houses in the mainstream market, they are developing their own enclaves. That is the truth.” Exclusive Muslim projects like Shah-Ne-Eram was just waiting to happen, We have many more upper-middle-class Muslims who have different aspirations!